Choosing the right speaker for your event is very important. Eeefy offers practical, customizable and engaging content that will inspire audience participation. 

Eeefy has developed personalized programs for individuals to improve their personal lives, overcome adversity, develop healthy relationships, live a life of purpose, improve their work ethics and value, become effective leaders and enhance their professional careers. Individuals will understand the way they process information and how that affects their decision making. These programs allows the individual to progress in their personal and professional lives. Her goal is to focus on solutions in the midst of adversity.

Eeefy's programs have helped organizations (for-profit, non-profit, educational institutions, and government entities) achieve measurable successes in vital areas. Organizations are able to adopt an inclusive culture that will inspire and boost morale, identify and nurture skills among employees that will add value to the organization, create a stress free environment and create a system that will identify leadership skills among its employees and how to tap them.

Her focus is to identify unique challenges facing individuals and/or organizations and create specific programs to address those challenges. She addresses five key areas that are inter-related: Building Positive Self-Esteem; Building Healthy Relationships; Living a Life of Purpose; Work Ethics And Value; and Womanhood.

Positive Self-Esteem is your assessment of your self-worth. Her programs help participants understand the benefits of Positive Self-Esteem and the benefits of their Self-Worth. Positive Self-Esteem drives your dreams, your goals and your interactions with others. The ability to tap your Positive Self-Esteem will help you avoid and better deal with life's problems.

Positive Self-Esteem will make you love yourself, help you live a life of purpose, improve your communication skills and develop your self-respect. It will drive your professional success, help you create healthy productive relationships, healthy personal relationships and drive your general pursuit of happiness.

Organizations will benefit from Eeefy's programs. Organizations enjoy healthy corporate cultures when employees understand the benefits of Positive Self-Esteem because employees will be engaged and motivated. Organizations that are more aware of the values of Positive Self-Esteem in their employees and workplaces are uniquely positioned to be more successful. Creating programs that nurture these qualities in their employees will inspire employees and increase their productivity to the organization especially in an increasingly culturally diverse world without borders.

Her programs allow organizations to effectively identify leaders within their groups that are able to motivate, inspire and improve the performance of others. These leaders will be able to manage risks and create problem solving mechanisms for the organization. These leaders will be able to identify talents within their groups and how to develop them to align with the general organizational mission, especially in the midst of the current global pandemic.

Eeefy's programs discusses the importance of womanhood. Women are the cornerstone of humanity. The role of women in guiding the character of the world is fully understood and a crucial part of Eeefy's programs. Women generally will gain insight into their unique roles within the family, the community, nation building and the world.

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Half Day 3-hours
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