An enlightened mind is a liberated mind


A healthy relationship is the only type of relationship that drives progress in your life. There are different categories of relationships - relationship with yourself; romantic relationships; friendships; relationship with your boss; relationships with subordinates; relationships with colleagues; relationship with your child or children. My seminars addresses each of these categories so that participants can fully understand them and make healthier choices.

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Personal development is a necessity in order to enjoy happiness, liberty, success and a life of purpose. My personal development coaching program will help participants identify the ways to improve themselves, how to improve their skills, how to achieve better outcomes in life and how to improve their overall life experiences.

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A growth driven company is one that practices healthy work ethics and value. Without these healthy principles, an organization will fail at achieving it's purpose. My work ethics and value coaching programs will ensure that an organization's employees understand that they are critical in the success of the organization. My program will ensure that organizations understand the benefits of creating standards that guide employee decision making and the daily conduct of their employees.

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